my first disco diffusion paintings

here are the first results of the ai called disco diffusion. disco diffusion is an ai modelling technique that uses text to image prompts to paint its own images. in other words: i give disco diffusion an instruction over a normal descriptive sentence e.g. “a fantasy landscape with a big dragon” and disco diffusion turns it into an image.

here you can find a usable version on the internet with a tutorial and ready set up or you can install it, as i did, locally on your computer and then use for example a graphics card (in my case a nvidia rtx 3060) to calculate new pictures.

castle ai generated disco diffusion
picture of a castle in a nice scotish landscape surrounded by wooded hills, on the east; and in the south there might be another like it, which rises up out of a rock to the north and takes the name of the castle of Munchausen, which will be one of the most beautiful districts to inhabit, and one of my greatest treasuries. Yet I have the liberty to say that I feel no fear of this town’s being the subject of the next, so I shall always consider it as a great place to be.

something ai generated disco diffusion
a painting of an artificial intelligence designed to predict student grades and help teachers boost them. Most striking about the AI’s “human-level” ability is its ability to understand and simulate human emotion, according to authors of the AI’s research paper, which was first published in June.

spaceship ai generated disco diffusion
a painting of a spaceship in a bubble universe . A pink ship with a yellow sun and a purple cloud at the top. The inside of the bubble is the sun, the cloud is a planet, and the ship is an alien. It has many different colors.

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